See how Brilliant Business can help grow your business

We are a community of businesses with a focus on growing our organisations by providing exceptional customer value.

Brilliant Business verification provides a range of benefits through a comprehensive suite of tools and resources including…

1. Your Brilliant Business Video


Video testimonials create up to a 74% increase in sales conversions

Whether it’s a customer video testimonial, promotional or thought leadership video, Brilliant Business videos can help to show your business at it’s best.

We’ll work with you to help make your video compelling in order to help drive your conversions through highlighting the positive feedback of your customers, the uniqueness of your business and your skills and expertise.

Your Brilliant Business videos will appear on your profile but you may also embed and share them as you wish on your own website, your social media channels and any other website.

2. Your Brilliant Business Company Rating


Independently verified business data builds trust in 94% of customers.

No business ever won a customer without first earning their trust. That’s why each Brilliant Business profile features a comprehensive selection of independently verified business data – all of which counts towards your points-based Brilliant Business Company Rating – it’s the standard that consumers and businesses trust to be sure they’re dealing with a business that values customer service and works to a higher level.

3. Unlimited customer ratings and reviews


88% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer or service business, your prospective customers are increasingly checking you out online before making a decision about whether or not to choose you as a supplier. And more than any other form of marketing or promotion, they will base their purchase decision on the experience of others in the form of ratings and reviews.

The Brilliant Business review platform is designed to ensure reviewers are easily checked for authenticity, and your online reputation is protected.

And to be doubly sure that all customer reviews are genuine, we verify your customers through their Facebook or Linkedln accounts. This ensures reviewers are easily checked for authenticity, and your online reputation is protected.

4. An Issue Management platform 
to turn negative feedback into positive reviews


If a business resolves customer issues quickly and efficiently, 94% of unhappy customers will return to the business.

Because sometimes things don’t go perfectly, in those rare instances that you receive a less-than-favourable review, the Brilliant Business Issue Management system will help you to manage the situation as follows:

After sending a review request to a customer you receive a 1, 2 or 3 star rating. Immediately the rating and review are parked for 7 days to allow you the time to rectify the issue.

We immediately send an email to the customer to explain that you will contact them to see how you might offer additional support. At the same time we send an alert to you so that you make contact with the customer through the Brilliant Business Issue Management system.

As you work through the issue with the client, all details of the conversation are recorded in the Brilliant Business Issue Management system so that you are able to monitor, review and maintain control of the communication and ensure a speedy and efficient resolution.

After 7 days we ask the customer if they’d like to either publish their original review or positively amend it based on the additional customer support you have provided.

5. Dedicated Brilliant Business support


Verified Brilliant Businesses are on average 68% more successful thanks to their dedicated Brilliant Business Ambassador.

At it’s heart, Brilliant Business is all about providing business with support to reach, engage, convert and retain customers. That’s why our team of Brilliant Business Ambassadors are so proactive in business communities and groups across the UK, and ready to support you in making the most of your Verified Brilliant Business status.

As well as our members only online tools and resources guides, you’ll have a direct phone number and email address for your dedicated Brilliant Business Ambassador so that when you need to, you’ll be able to make contact as and when you need to.

Put it all together and what have you got...?

To recap – as a Verified Brilliant Business you will receive the following tools and resources:

  • A dedicated Brilliant Business Ambassador ready to provide all the support you Will need to make the most of your Verified Brilliant Businesses status
  • The Verified Brilliant Business accreditation window sticker
  • Your Verified Brilliant Business profile listing
  • The Verified Brilliant Business email signature for inclusion on all of your outbound emails
  • A choice of either a customer testimonial video, promotional video or thought leadership video
  • Your individual Brilliant Business profile web
  • Unrestricted access to the Brilliant Business lssue
    Management system
  • Submission of your business details to the UK’s biggest company data platforms
  • Your business data Will be independently verified by our team so that you can show potential customers that you are trustworthy and reliable