Hi, we’re Brilliant Business

The world’s favourite source of verified business data and the web’s most trusted supplier of ratings and reviews.*


Our values

Brilliant Business is built on a foundation of five values that underpin our approach to delivering a great service:



A simple search for most review websites will show you just how little trust there is for most of these companies. The reviews and business data on Brilliant Business will always be authentic and unedited. Your reviews are made only by verified customers who receive an invitation to provide feedback, which means you can be sure that nasty trolls and disparaging competitors aren’t impacting the reviews. What you’ll see is real insight into the customer experience.



For the benefit of businesses and customers, we have a policy of temporarily holding negative ratings and reviews for 7 days before publishing them. This gives the merchant the opportunity to rectify a ‘less than perfect’ situation and resolve the issue – and for the customer it means they’re getting the service they expected in the first place. It really is a win-win for all parties.



Across all of our touch points, whether you’re a merchant or a consumer, our mission is to provide you with the best experience. By focusing on making the Brilliant Business experience seamless, transparent, authentic and easy to navigate. Ultimately our goal is to provide a platform that makes finding the best UK businesses as easy as possible.



We are independent, impartial and driven to provide an authentic service for the benefit of customers and great businesses. Because the integrity of our service is built on trust we will never, ever, ever edit or delete a genuine negative review for the sake of appeasing a listed company.  At Brilliant Business what you see is what you get. Every time. No exceptions.



We’re really passionate about delivering an awesome service and primarily focused on bringing more integrity into the business data, customer reviews and helpdesk sector. Equally, we’re driven by enjoying what we do every day. Our motto (one of the many), is, ‘if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong’. Come visit us at our Cambridge HQ and you’ll see that we’re a super-positive bunch having a great time working with the UK’s finest businesses. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?!


Our Journey


BrilliantBusiness.org was borne out of an idea the team at our parent company, Beyond Media had to help only the very best businesses raise their online profile. By focusing on providing the tools and resources to support these exceptional businesses, we knew we could help them convert more new business and give B2C and B2B customers a place to find reputable suppliers.

From our offices in Cambridge and Budapest, the Brilliant Business team designs, develops and continually refines the platform to ensure we’re at the forefront of the industry and providing businesses and customers with the very best platform.

Our Future

What can we say – businesses love the service we provide because it allows them to convert more business, increase retention and provide exceptional customer support. Customers love us because we provide the UK’s only database of genuine, verified business data and customer reviews. And so we’ll continue to grow across the UK, and perhaps overseas. As long as we’re providing a service that is appreciated we’ll keep growing, refining and becoming even more brilliant.

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